Monday, June 27, 2016

Luck Be a Lady

(Photo Credit: Clix Portrait Studio) 

Can you believe I'm starting the week off with a LAYOUT?! :)

Alexa's 2016 jazz routine was performed to "Luck Be a Lady". Because of the black and white costume and her red lips, I went with a classic color combo. The costume, designed to look like a tuxedo, was covered in sparkling, black sequins. The hat was part of the routine and, believe it or not, she never dropped it. I don't think I'd be able to dance and keep track of a prop like that! Black fishnet stockings finished off the look (and thankfully they made it through the season without tearing).

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  1. oooooo A PAGE!!! YEAH!!! Looks awesome as always and Alexa is beautiful and sassy looking in that pix. Love it. Very fun and love the color combo.

  2. I am just dazzled and amazed by this!! Alexa looks so beautiful and professional!! What a fabulous young lady she is growing into! This layout is classy, cool, and awesome. I love this color combo and think you have made something so excellent here!!!

  3. Um Lisa..this is how do i say this...GORGEOUS!!!! Really its spectacular!

  4. Such an awesome layout, Lisa, and beautiful photo of Alexa!


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