Thursday, June 11, 2015

Card Share: Dance Thanks

I made five of these cards, each with the same overall design, but with slightly different color schemes, for Alexa's dance teachers. Each one is "monogrammed" with the teacher's initial and a piece of dance-themed flair from Feed Your Craft. Elise was so sweet to alter a set of six she had designed so I could have six of the same pieces (I used the sixth on this layout).

Some of Alexa's teachers actually save cards I've made for them in the past. Last Christmas I ran out of time and gave them store bought cards. You would think I had committed a crime, given their disappointment. LOL!

You can get a look at last year's end-of-the-year card design right here.

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  1. Love the colors and fun embellies. Love how your page "style' works in your cards.

  2. LOVE this! LOVING the colors, the buttons and the "&"!!! And lol to the bought Christmas cards! HA!! I bet they were disappointed... my father in law ALWAYS checks the back of his cards to make sure it says "Made by Julie" in the corner ... God help me if it doesn't!!! LOL!!!

  3. Such a fun and vibrant card, Lisa! Glad you had plenty of time to make their cards! ;)

  4. This is SUPER FUN and I bet the recipients LOVED them - if not, then they have no sense of AWESOME and AMAZING!! Cuz that is what this card is - love the ampersand, the colors bursting from this just make it so incredible and my favorite thing is the wood veneer chevron with YELLOW on it -so cool!! You just made my day with this wonderful creation!!!

  5. Love the big ampersand and fun, bright colors Lisa!!

  6. Love this!! Such bright and fun colors and LOVE the ampersand!!


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