Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Craft Space: Where I Create (updated September 2013)

Hello! Hello! Today I'd like to welcome you into my home to see where I craft and create.

When we built our house, it was with the intention of using what was "supposed" to be the formal dining room as my craft room. Our former kitchen table and chairs became my craft table and it is centered in the middle of the room. The rest of the room contains storage cabinets and wall hung display space. There's also a butler's pantry right off of the craft room. I use this as my office area and it's where I print photos, journaling, and do computer work.

So come on in and take a look...

1. This is my work table. Sometimes my daughter joins me for a chat or we do crafts together. With four chairs, there's plenty of room for everyone to keep me company. I keep frequently used supplies, adhesives and embellishments right on the table.

Another view of the table.

2. This rolling cart sits right beside my chair. The top drawer holds adhesives, containers of brads, rulers, markers and my long-neglected Dymo labeler. The second drawer is full of various stickers and rub ons. The third drawer houses a binder of older alpha stickers and the bottom drawer holds cutting and sanding tools. The tackle box on top is full of buttons, separated by color. I keep my trimmer and a container of embroidery floss and twine handy as well. The photos I'm currently working on usually sit on top of the tackle box.

3. Two Pottery Barn wall displays are to the left of the table. 

The top left shelf has mini albums and current layouts on display. Just below that are some photos tucked behind a pin board. The pin board itself holds drawings and crafts my daughter has made, along with packages of newer product. 

Here's a closer look at the shelf:

The right hand display pinboard holds more of my daughter's creations. The shelf below that holds home decor projects (and a stray layout or two waiting to go into an album).

A closer look at the display shelf:

Attached to the very bottom of the display boards (thanks to my hubby), there are curtain rods for my current "go to" alpha stickers and packaged embellishments. Items are easily removed and brought over to my work space because they are clipped onto hooks that hang over the rings on the rod.

Here's a closer look:

4. This shelf display is to the right of my craft table. The shelves hold family photos and decor. 


Below the shelf display is a storage cabinet that holds my ribbon stash, sewing materials, inks, extra adhesives, etc. A storage caddy on top holds product for current design team and freelance work as well as new supplies that I'm not done playing with yet.

Sitting on the floor, beside this cabinet, is a metal mesh storage cube. This is where I keep all of my cardstock and seasonal collections. Each cardstock color is stored in its own 12x12 plastic envelope (as is each seasonal collection).

5. Behind my chair is a storage cabinet, similar to the one above, holding completed albums. 

Above this cabinet is a collage of family pictures flanked by the two albums I'm currently working on (I scrap chronologically so one album is typically January through June and the other July through December) displayed on metal plate stands. Once the year is over, I label them and add them to the cabinet.

Here's a look at what I keep on top of the cabinet. The smaller basket holds a hodge podge of embellishments that don't belong to any particular theme or current collection. The larger basket holds seasonal embellishments. I like to sift through these baskets looking for items that match the theme, season or color I'm working with. The black binder holds sketches I've printed out.

6. So, where do I keep my patterned papers? Right beside my chair in a pretty market basket, all within easy reach of where I sit.

So that's pretty much it. The space where I create. Thanks for coming for a visit! Next time bring your supplies so we can scrap together. :)
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  1. Love love love love love your crafty space!!!! Loving how you have the albums hung on the wall with the current albums you are working on!!!

  2. love the peek at your craft room!! looks awesome!! i would love to come over and scrap with you!! LOL!!

  3. What a great space! I love your display wall.
    I love to see how others organize their space.

  4. Love looking at your space! Looks like you've got a very nice one, where you can scrap and craft and still be near family. Perfect.

  5. Great! I should photograph mine and post it as well. Thanks for sharing!

  6. aweome space to call your own!! Love it lisa!!!

  7. love looking at scrap spaces.. awesome thanks for sharing.. wow your so

  8. I've gradually taken over our dining room also, but in a less planful way. I loved seeing your space and idea. I love the ice cube tray idea and the alpha storage. Thanks for sharing.

  9. oooooo really diggin' your space. you have some really cool storage ideas. Love the hanging thickers.

  10. Ooooo...nice space! Thanks for sharing! (LOve the curtain rod clip-it-up!)

  11. Love your repurposed kitchen table and that storage cabinet is so cute!! Lots of great light!

  12. Love how you use the wall displays and that great cabinet!!

  13. I love it! What a great room! I craft in the dining room too....which makes it very unappealing for me to have dinner guests. Hoping that someday soon I'll have a dedicated scrap space, I love yours!

  14. Love seeing people's creative spaces. Looks like a nice place to sit down and scrap. thanks for sharing!

  15. It a lovely space, all the pictures you have on display are wonderful. x

  16. I like the pottery barn wall storage. I always enjoy seeing how other people work:)

  17. Great space! Love the alpha storage!

  18. Your creative area is perfect.
    I love the windows...with me in the basement with not natural light, windows are something I notice in a room :)

  19. What an awesome space. I love being on the main floor in the hub of activity and having windows. TFS

  20. What a great tour of your space. What a nice location in your house, too. I scrap most often in our dining room, though I do have an office. I like being in the middle of things.

    Look at you, giving us all these great photos! Love all the organizing ideas. Tom's curtain rod sticker hanger is da bomb. Where is your paper storage?

  21. This looks like a fantastic space!

  22. Thank you for the tour. I really enjoyed it. I might actually pick up my paper supplies if I had a wonderful space like you to create. It would be so much fun to scrap with you! Where do you keep your paper?


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