Thursday, September 27, 2012

Established in 2001 (Bella Blvd.)

I did this to document what Alexa is into right now. I used kind of a mish mosh of two Bella Blvd. fall collections and some Jillibean Soup for the background. The polka dot metal rim tag is from the Dollar Spot at Target. I picked up a couple of kraft leaf tags too. They're billed as "gift" tags but that never stops a scrapbooker, right? :)
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I {Heart} Cats

This is our sweet tabby, Butterscotch. Technically he's Alexa's cat because she is 100% responsible for his care. Although this page came together pretty easily, I have to admit that I really struggle with landscape-oriented photos. I probably scrap only a handful of them a year. I find it hard to "fill" the space when a photo is 6"x 4". I don't know why. How about you...Do you scrap mostly portrait- or landscape-oriented photos? Do you have any tips on how to approach a landscape photo? I'd appreciate any ideas you're willing to share. Thank you!
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Monday, September 24, 2012

It's Farm Fresh (Simple Stories Harvest Lane)

A few weeks ago we went to a local farm to pick apples. When we got there we learned that you could also dig your own potatoes and pick tomatoes. Once Alexa got wind of this, she had everything planned out. First, pick apples. Next, dig potatoes and last, but not least, pick tomatoes. She was off to the tomato plants in a flash. Before we knew it, she had picked a whopper of a tomato. We teasingly told her we were just a family of three and certainly didn't need such a large tomato. Turns out it played double duty (and it was delicious). Half went into a salad and the remainder into a soup. Just so the tomato wouldn't be lonely, Alexa picked a very small one and a medium-sized one too. :) Yup, a family of three tomatoes. Awww....
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sweet on Fall (Simple Stories Harvest Lane)

It's no secret that I love to layer elements on my layouts, but sometimes it gets a little complicated. When I start a layout and everything is where I want it (and before anything is adhered) I take a photo of the page. I also make light pencil marks to show approximately where the pieces go. This way when I move everything off of the background I don't have to worry about how to piece it all back together when it comes time to adhere. Think of it as a puzzle if you will. If I forget how I layered elements (in terms of what goes on top of or under something else) I can refer to the photo. While I was putting this layout together, I figured if I'm taking a photo of how the finished page should look, I should photograph my process too because it would be fun to share with you (at least I think so, LOL). Are you ready?

Step 1: Background has been chosen. Time to add a bit of patterned paper as a backdrop for the photo.

Step 2: The patterned paper is nice, but the page definitely needs more color. Bingo cards work well as an embellishment so let's layer some over the gingham paper. These colors say "fall" and stand out nicely against the dark background.

Step 3: Time to add the photo. A small red banner complements the apples in the photo and visually bridges the gap between the photo and the gingham paper. It also brings another color into the mix.

Step 4: The right side of the page is coming along, so it's time to work on the left side. Some little scraps and a small banner look nice, plus the cream banner balances the red one.

Step 5: Let's deal with the gap between the photo and striped paper. A large flash card and a couple of smaller ones below it fill the space and anchor the left side of the page to the photo. I'm liking this so far. Time to add a few embellishments. Maybe some buttons...

Step 6: Buttons at the end of each banner add some interest. The blank spot on the blue plaid label needs a little something. How about a small word sticker? If I'm going to use one word sticker, maybe I should add in a couple more. :)

Step 7: Now it's time to step back and decide if there are any "blank" spots. I see a few. Washi tape and more stickers solve the problem. What about a title? Where is it going to go? I haven't really left much room for anything big, so let's get creative...

Step 8: A fairly small title on the right side of the page includes a little tag that says "fall" to finish it off without taking up much room. Punched borders at the top and bottom of the page lead the eye into the center of the page. I'm calling it done. :) I hope you enjoyed seeing how this page came together, from start to finish but before you go, I'd love to know how you put your pages together. Do you wing it and adhere as you go? Do you lay everything out until you like the arrangement and then adhere with the pieces in place? Or do you come up with an arrangement you like, move it off the background and then adhere it one piece at a time like I do?

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Me and My Girl (Simple Stories Documented)

I don't get out from behind the camera often enough. When the opportunity presented itself on Alexa's first day of school, I didn't waste any time. The bonus is, I actually love the photo. :)

When I work with monochromatic collections (in this case Simple Stories Documented) I like to add in a pop of color (or two). In this case, I decided to go with red and a bit of pink. I think it makes the page look more contemporary even though it's a vintage collection. How about you? Do you keep your pages monochromatic or do you add a complementary color to the mix?
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Monday, September 17, 2012

This Makes Me Want to Ride My Bicycle :)

Although I've shied away from riding a bicycle after an unfortunate collision with a fence many years ago, there is one bicycle I don't mind riding. :) This one's little and yellow and even comes with a yellow jersey. Yes, I am the newest member of Little Yellow Bicycle's design team. :) Me, a Biker Chick! It's no secret that I love LYB's products. You've seen plenty of layouts and projects here on my blog (some created as Cycling Team projects and loads more created because I love their product). In the coming weeks I'll be sharing pages that showcase one of LYB's newest collections — Acorn Hollow. Fall is my favorite season, so I know I'll have plenty of photos to scrap.

Just wanted to share the happy news. Thanks for coming along for the ride!
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Limited Edition (Jillibean Soup Neopolitan Bean Bisque)

Yes, another first day of school photo (different from the other two I've scrapped. OK, not by much. LOL!) This one is about Alexa choosing a nickname to use in school. Why? Because her teachers said she had to. There are two Alexas in all of her classes. In fifth grade her teacher got around having two Alexas (both with a last name that started with S) by calling her by her full name but I guess this doesn't fly in sixth grade. Alexa has never had a nickname but because she was put on the spot she chose Lexi. At this point, she's wondering why because it's not really her. We'll see how this one plays out...
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lovely (American Crafts Dear Lizzy Neapolitan)

This was a bugger of a page to put together. No matter what I tried, it just wasn't happening. Just as I was about to trash the idea and move on to another collection, it worked! Phew! Just another sweet picture I got on the first day of school last week. Never can have enough, right? :)
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Day of Sixth Grade (Echo Park Note to Self)

First day of sixth grade. My baby, off to middle school. She was good and ready. Me? Not so much! This is going to be such a big year for her. She has a locker, about a dozen teachers and has already made some new friends. She has to get herself to each class, on time, with everything she needs for that class. It's going to be so hard for me to stay pretty much "hands off" with all of this so she can grow her wings and figure it all out for herself.
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wells Beach (Simple Stories Summer Fresh)

Just prior to Labor Day weekend, we made a whirlwind trip through New England, logging 1500 miles in four days. Our last stop was Wells Beach, Maine, where I spent summers as a kid. Lucky Tom summered in York Beach, Maine so he was close to the Goldenrod, a place that makes the most phenomenal taffy I've ever had. But I digress...Of course no trip is complete without photos so this is one I caught of Tom as we walked the beach. Being the good Daddy that he is, his hand is full of shells Alexa collected along the way. :)
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Unlocking Your Future (Jillibean Soup Neopolitan Bean Bisque)

Looking forward to the first year of middle school (sixth grade in this case) is all fun and games comes to getting the hang of opening your locker using the dreaded combination! Let's just say that the (many, many) attempts ended in a wee bit of hysteria (and not only on Alexa's part). It's been a loooooong time since I used a locker (and you'll notice I'm not saying how long). In the end it turned out that the directions we were following were incorrect. The mother of Alexa's next door locker mate kindly showed us how it was supposed to be done. After that, Alexa opened her locker time and time again. Just to be sure she was really comfortable with getting it open, we went to school the day before school started, so she could try it again...and again...and again. Do you remember what you feared most about middle school? These days I hear that kids are most afraid of someone stuffing them IN their locker. No worries here on that one, they're way too small.
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Your Life is Full (Simple Stories Fabulous)

For this page, I asked Alexa to tell me what makes her life full (mind, body, heart and soul) at this point in her life. Some of the things she mentioned were her love for her cat, her passion for dance and filling her mind with learning. I thought it was cool to pair this topic with a photo of her looking ahead, through a telescope/view finder thing overlooking the Boardwalk at Disney. I think I'll do a page on this very topic about me at this point in my life so I can look back on it and see if anything changes.
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Monday, September 3, 2012

Just Be You Altered Photo Tray (My Little Shoebox)

(published in Create: For the Home, Sept. '12)

What started out as a blue wooden tray from Target's dollar spot, ended up as a sweet decor piece for Alexa's bedroom. Just a little reminder for her to believe in herself enough to just be herself and not let anyone else influence her. :)

Sorry for the shadows. Lighting wasn't great when I took the photo.

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