Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Behind the Lens: Little Yellow Bicycle Paradise

So, how many of you can relate to the fact that you don't show up in your scrapbook pages nearly as often as the rest of your family? Come on, raise your hand. I'm raising mine. LOL! I'm always the one BEHIND the lens. Even though recording my family's history is my passion, I really need to remind myself that it has to be about me (doesn't that sound selfish, LOL) once in a while so my family (and future generations) know about me. So I challenge you today to do a page about you, on any topic whatsoever. If you do, I'd love to see it. :)
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  1. Another completely fabulous LYB creation. I so love the way you used Paradise here. Great design and terrific BOM page (book of me). I need to do more of those too.

  2. ooooo i love this page. all the adorable elements really bring it together. and LYB yum!

  3. I have come to accept that ~ my hubby is known for taking my head off. or pic is out of focus so I take them. But I am trying to get more of me. Love your LO and I love that pic, so cool!!!

  4. Yay! One about you! Love all the colours with the B&W photo!


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