Thursday, April 26, 2012

My First Car (My Little Shoebox Destinations)

(Based on a sketch by Lisa Dickinson)

Here she is, in all of her glory, my first car — a 1971 Saab 99. My mom scrimped and saved $900 and bought it for me around 1981. We even dressed up the worn seats with black seat covers topped with black-and-white tuxedo bow ties around the head rests. It was a fun car to drive (especially when gas was only $1.38!) but it broke down...a lot. One time I broke down on the highway on my way to work (back when we didn't have cell phones) so I climbed an embankment next to a bridge, walked to the closest house, and asked to use the phone. Isn't that what we all would do? I definitely wouldn't do it today, nor would I ever let Alexa do something like this! Turns out the house I went to was owned by the uncle of a friend of mine. Small world, right?

So, do you remember your first car? Do you have a picture of it? Think about doing a page about it. :) Have a great day!
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  1. Oh, LOVE this design and the way you used this collection. Those pennants and all the layering are awesome. Another terrific layout. I do remember my first car. No, I don't have a picture of it. I'll just say that my first car wasn't a Saab! :)

  2. very very fun design love all the road stuff. I did a page about mine as well. 72 vw bug - baby blue. lol!!!

  3. Those are great papers and elements for your theme!!!

  4. Love all the embellishments! Great layout!

  5. awesome! I love the arrows on the clouds! I don't have a pict of my first car...but, it sure would be fun to scrap!

  6. what a fun page!! i am so in love with clouds!! love everything!!

  7. Love your design and the large banners!

  8. Oh my goodness, what a great layout!
    And fun topic!
    I know what you mean about before cells. I had a flat tire at night once about 15 years ago and there were no businesses close by. Had to walk to a stranger's house that looked safe and use their phone :-o Scary, but worked out!

  9. I never had a first car until I was married!! This is great your mom had the picture!!! Love posts like this!! Awesome work, Lisa!!!

  10. Hi Lisa, I'm so sorry I have not been around much lately... (so much going on at work at the moment *sigh* - and no time for blog hopping of being creative)

    But now that I have a bit 'left over' time, the first way was coming to your blog! Seriously! :-)

    Oh and I loooooove your layout! It's just pure perfection!!!

    Have a wonderful week!
    Sylvia xx

  11. love this layout!! my first car was a chevy monza.. totally embarrassing!! brian called it "the roach" because it had a roach body shape!!


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