Thursday, March 8, 2012

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go :)

Late last week I decided to (ahem, finally) check out the Pinterest craze (and as you can see in the top right corner of your screen, I am hooked and you can now follow me there). :) While I was poking around, trying to find altered project ideas, I came across a YouTube video tutorial that teaches how to make origami dresses.

I thought this would make for a fun mother-daughter craft, so on Sunday I set my laptop up in the middle of the craft table (between me and Alexa), and we proceeded to make origami dresses. For the most part, the instructions were easy to follow and the end result is really adorable. You can do so many things with these! Alexa made a couple so she can decorate her locker at school (next year, mind you, LOL!)

I cut pieces of doily so I could mimic the look of lace under the pleat. I also used some deco scissors to cut just a snippet of pink cardstock to peek out of the bodice. Alexa's pearlized creation is on the right. Oh, and we got Tom involved in the craft too. He cut wire and made the hangers. :) I guess it turned out to be a crafty family affair. LOL!

I'm thinking these give new meaning to the saying, "All dressed up and nowhere to go." :)

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  1. Seriously Cute!!!!

  2. Oh these are just too cute!! I can't wait to see what you use them on :)

  3. Oh my goodness, these could not be any cuter! What a wonderful paper choice too.

  4. Love them! They'd make a great focal point on a card!

  5. These are seriously fabulous! I told you that Pinterest would suck you in. Does every time! But how wonderfully it turned out for you. These are darling.

  6. I too saw this on Pinterest this week but gotta say, yours are wayyy better! Love the color choices and the accents; made theirs look kinda plain.


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