Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spotlight on Alexa :)

Today I'm going to step away from showing you my art work and showcase a painting Alexa did last week.

Having a crafty daughter brings me enjoyment on many levels. I love seeing her express her creativity, whether it be making something with Perler beads (beads you iron together after you create a design) or stringing a bracelet and even concocting some shower gel to give to a friend. We spend many hours together in the craft room and I love watching her create. She is so helpful when I'm stuck on a layout and comes up with some really clever ideas on how to use things. For the past few weeks, Alexa has been taking part in the art club at school. It's run by a local artist and I love every project she does with the kids. Last week's project (shown above) was a watercolor done using salt (to create a star-filled night sky) and painter's tape to mask off the trees, branches, and moon. Don't you just love the end result? I do!
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  1. she did an amazing job, that would be so pretty on a card!

  2. what a great job~you better watch it looks like you have an artist!!!:):)

  3. wow! she's awesome. I agree with Connie you have a budding artist!

  4. Looks great! You should frame it! I did that with one of my son's paintings a few weeks ago!

  5. This is an EXCELLENT painting! Congrats to her! I love the effect the salt had on the water colors! FABULOUS! Love Penny


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