Friday, February 24, 2012

Selling Us On Cellular

This lovely young lady is chomping at the bit to go to middle school. She can hardly wait to finish fifth grade and move on to sixth. She even has her first day of school outfit picked out (it's a pretty dress handed down from her 15 year old cousin). Let's just say that there's a four year difference in age between them so she has a bit of growing to do, especially in one area in particular before it even fits her properly. LOL! To go along with being a middle schooler, this young lady would also like to have a cell phone. We're not entirely convinced yet that this is something we need to do, but she is persistent (like me) and typed up a list of reasons why she should have one. The list is as follows (in her own words, typos and all):

Reasons to get a cell

1)you will know were I am at all times

2)I will use my own money to pay for texting and other expenses 

3)you can set the limits for texting and calling

4)I can always call for help(if needed)

5)I will be really responsible with it and not lose it

6)if I can do all my chores for 4 weeks I will prove to you I will be responsible with the cell phone

7)You will be able to use the home phone at the same time as me using my cellphone

8)You can set the limits for how long I can spend on it everyday

9)If I go over the limit for texting and or calling I'll pay for it

10)Sienna has a phone and I want to be able to stay in touch with her instantly

So, if nothing else, I have a great topic for a layout, right? :) Have a great day!
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  1. I'd say she has your number, Lisa! That's a pretty good list. :). But 5th grade? That seems so young. Back in the old days when I was a teen, I couldn't enen have a phone in my room! Cute blog post!

  2. I just wrote a long post and it didn't go through! Ugh! I have a 5th grade daughter as well, she does not have a cell, a lot of her friends do. Her dad and I have a strong opinion about kids having cell phones. I think they lead to trouble and we lose our kids to them. For every reason your daughter gave you to have a cell phone you could come up with one why she shouldn't have one. I wish you luck, it won't be easy to hold your ground and I admit we , as parents, have to pick our battles. But keep in mind a cell phone/texting will lead to so many other issues. Happy Parenting!

  3. We gave our oldest her first phone when she was in 7th grade. That was the year she started staying after school for activities and we wanted a way to keep in touch with her for pick up. Our younger daughter got hers in 6th grade, again because of her after school activities. We do make them pay if they go over and that has only happened to my oldest twice, so not too bad. We have other rules too. One is the random phone check where either my husband or I go through and read their text messages. It is a tough choice to make and it depends on a lot of factors. Good luck with your decision!

  4. great photo and she sure has some good arguments.

  5. LOL! I think I am in trouble ;)

  6. WOW! That's some list! It's a tough decision. My 6th grader got one for his birthday 4 months ago. He's been having to learn to pace himself with those texts, because nearly all his friends have unlimited texting. He has a prepaid phone. I must admit that it has come in handy a few times.

  7. I'm glad my boys are raised and I don't have this decisions to make~I know you will make the right choice!!!

  8. Oh, yeah this list REALLY needs to be a layout! I remember a LONG time ago when I REALLY wanted to be older! LOL How times change! Thanks for following me, I am now a new follower for your also! Love Penny

  9. See the kid has some valuable points! My grandson just went into middle school this year and his parents broke down and got him a phone for Christmas. They decided the "keeping in touch" stuff was going to work well, especially with sports.


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