Thursday, February 23, 2012

One Red Rose and Ravioli

I just realized I never blogged about Valentine's Day so that's what today's post is about.

What do roses and ravioli have in common you ask? I got an email from Tom, on Valentine's Day morning, telling me not to make anything for dinner because he was going to take care of it. Although I love to cook (and bake), I also enjoy any and every opportunity for my husband to cook for me. Late in the afternoon, I drove Alexa to dance. When I got home, Tom presented me with a single, beautiful red rose (pictured above). He then proceeded to prepare dinner and tell me about all of the stops he made in the process of collecting things for dinner. First stop, The Ravioli Shop, to buy broccoli and feta ravioli, a fresh sesame semolina bread, a container of marinara sauce, and chocolate eclairs for dessert. Next stop was the wine store to buy a sweet Riesling (called Relax for those of you who are always searching for a sweet Riesling like I am). Last stop was the florist to buy the rose.

So that's how one red rose and ravioli came to be. :)
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  1. Sounds like a lovely way to celebrate the holiday.

  2. Oh I love Reisling! Will have to see if my store has that brand. What a lovely Valentine you've got there! Maybe keep him for awhile? :)

  3. what a thoughtful husband you have! I love riesling and ravioli too.

  4. Oh, that sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day to me!

  5. Oh that was Sweet! (P.s. here's a secret I HATE to cook, it's a four letter word that ends in "K" as far as I"m concerned! LOL Love Penny

  6. love the new blog look!!!! what a great Valentine's day!!


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