Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lucky to Have Each Other

I hope I'm not boring you guys, or being too depressing, by posting pages about my Mom and Dad. As hard as it is, it's therapeutic for me (and that's why I have this blog, right? LOL!)

Not only did this scan crooked because of the bulk of the embellishments, but it kind of looks a bit washed out too. I'll try to get a good photo of it when, and if, the sun comes out. :)

So here's the story behind the page...One day I walked into Alexa's class to volunteer and she handed this drawing to me. It's my Dad and she really captured his overall "look". I love how she even put dots on his head for where he was bald! Not only did Alexa do the drawing, but she did the journaling too. Back in July she sat at my computer and typed up a list of things my Dad had taught her. I thought it paired perfectly with this photo so that's why I used it.

Journaling reads: PopPop was an amazing grandpa. He helped me learn so much. He taught me all of his songs, like Luchas Fish, Bongo Tushies, and Mommy’s Table Manners song. Oh, and he swore he invented the pickle! He also taught me how to say the Motzi (blessing). He taught me how to drive the motor boat (partially). He taught me how to drive the Jetski, with Uncle Steve. He taught me how to be me. Journaling and drawing by Alexa at age 10.

Based on a sketch by Diana Fisher.
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  1. This is precious!! Great way to capture a memory!!

  2. It's just beautiful, Lisa! And touching...
    Such a wonderful way to capture the memories! I LOVE your daughters drawing AND journaling.. so sweet!
    Sylvia xx

  3. That's a beautiful tribute and that it came from your daughter is even more priceless. Share away...

  4. Cute page Lisa, and such a meaningful, wonderful story to have captured! Have a lovely day!!

  5. Isn't that sweet! Love her drawing and your reason for creating a layout.

  6. Such a beautiful tribute, Lisa. Keep sharing :)


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