Monday, February 13, 2012


This scanned kind of crooked because of all of the buttons. Sorry!

Alexa's class went to the Rochester Museum and Science Center on a field trip earlier this month. Specifically, they went to the Planetarium to simulate a Challenger Mission to Mars. Alexa was part of the medical team and had the most fun using a laser-type thermometer to take everyone's temperature. They got to wear flight suits and speak to NASA representatives via video conferencing. The large circle in the middle was the class badge. Each of the kids had to design one and then they voted on which one to use. Alexa's came in second (I haven't seen it yet, but hopefully she'll be able to bring it home soon). I'd say this qualified as a really cool field trip!

Just a quick design point...I sewed a circle border on the page, not only to frame and contain all of the elements, but I thought it was kind of like the rings you see on pictures of the solar system. I added in the buttons to mimic planets. :)

Based on a sketch by Becky Fleck.
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  1. love the design and fun embellies. sounds like a great field trip.

  2. was this a skecth? love your take on the design~you really rocked it!!!

    1. Hi Connie! Thank you! Yes, it's based on a sketch by Becky Fleck. :)

  3. lots of fun little bits included here, love how colorful it is

  4. Fun title work! I like the circle in the background too!


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