Monday, February 27, 2012

Actions in Action

I know most of you are way more savvy than I am when it comes to using Photoshop. I actually use Photoshop Elements 6.0 (for the Mac). Over the years I've dabbled in enhancing my photos, using layers, adding text, etc. It was until last week that I finally jumped on the "action" bandwagon. I noticed an ad on my Facebook page from Yellow Sky actions. They were offering four free actions if you "liked" them, so I did. I figured now was as good a time as any to get started. Their install directions were so simple and easy to follow and I was soon tinkering with photos and making them look like I was a pro. LOL!

Of course now I was hooked so I had to find more to play with (but they had to be free because at this point I'm just tinkering and I don't know what to look for specifically).

I learned that The Pioneer Woman (yup, the same Bree of cooking fame, LOL) also has a photography section on her blog and she offers free actions. This link is for Photoshop Elements actions. If you're looking for other tips and other actions, look here.

I took the "before" photo (below left) and started playing with it, adding in some of the Pioneer Woman's actions and the result is the second photo (below right). I added a burn action and did some sharpening and I threw in a couple more actions that I don't remember at this point because I didn't write them down. I guess the key is to just play, have fun with it, experiment and see what you like.

If you have a favorite action, one you go to all of the time, I'd love to hear about it (especially if it's free). Thank you! :)

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  1. Beautiful! Aren't they fun to play with?!?!? I love using actions on my photos! Here is another fun blog that has a lot of free actions (donation if you wish):

    Have fun playing!!!

    1. Love thecoffeeshopblog. They actually did a redesign on my first blog.

  2. great work, I am so not brave enough to even try. I am so happy if I just get a picture in focus.

  3. Heat job on the photo. Thanks for the website.

  4. photo turned out great!

  5. The Pioneer Woman is a dangerous blog to visit unless you have lots of free time! Fun photo. :)

  6. ugh!!don't know what you are talking about!!!but good for you:):):)

  7. Love the new photo, it is so dramatic. I have to second the Coffee Shop Blog.

  8. Fabulous Lisa! I need to start dabbling in actions too. Thanks for the links. You after photo looks stunning!

  9. Photoshop is soooo much fun but definitely addicting. Once you start playing it is hard to stop :~) I used elements for years before jumping into CS3 and the absolute best way to learn is just by playing around. Thanks for the freebie link! I'll be checking that out for sure!

  10. Honestly I need to use actions more and I could use some work perfecting the sharpening technique. Thanks for the website!


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