Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter Concert Program Cover Girl

All of the fifth grade students at Alexa's school were invited to submit a drawing (or two or three, LOL) for the Winter Concert program cover. The school planned to choose six to use and Alexa's was one of them. I love the sweet snowman and how she made a play on words by having the present say, "We present to you our band, orchestra and chorus." Does this count as her first publication? LOL!
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  1. super cute!!that is a scrapbook page waiting to be SB'ed!!!!

  2. Very cute! Tell her Congratulations!!!!

  3. cute!!! what a pretty snowman and I totally love her drawing of a present for the words 'we present to you' ... too sweet and so creative!
    of course, this is her first pub ... now you are the mom of a celebrity, Lisa :-))))
    Sylvia xx

  4. Yes, this needs to be scrapped!


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