Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In One Word

Bo Bunny's Timepiece collection was the perfect way to scrap this portrait photo of my Dad.

This is another page for Dad's memorial album. After the funeral, Alexa went around and asked us all to describe Dad in one word. She even wrote down all of the answers (this kid is going to be a journalist some day, LOL!) It was interesting to see everyone's answers, especially the grandchildren. Anyway, I wanted to get some of the answers down on a page so here it is. :)

Journaling reads: While sitting shiva in Boston, Alexa went around and asked people to describe Dad in one word.

Here are some of the responses: Reni/Giver, Tom/Dynamic, Kobi/Extraordinary, Zev/Math whiz, Kira/Motivating, Deborah/Teacher, Sydnie/Nice, Lisa/Generous, Morreen/Passionate, David/Giving, Steve/Loving, Alexa/Amazing, Gil/Big-hearted, Roger/Unique.

It is evident that Dad’s many qualities were evident and came shining through to all of us.

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  1. oh that made me a little teary eyed, so sweet. And what a thing to do, I would never think to ask like that after a funeral. It's a perfect thought.

  2. such a sweet LO~awesome tribute to your dad!

  3. Awesome in every way. I love that someone in the family thought to go around the room and ask everyone for one word. That is so special to have that memory and those recollections. I love your page.

  4. What a neat little project and so fun to remember what others thought. Nice layout.


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