Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Getting to Know You

The Bing Crosby song, Getting to Know You, from the King and I gave me an idea. In order for you to know a bit more about me (and me about you), I thought I'd list a few things/quirks about me and in return, you'll do the same (either in the comments section on my blog or a Getting to Know You post of your own on your blog). So start humming, or singing along, as you read, LOL:

Getting to know you.
Getting to know all about you.
Getting to like you,
Getting to hope you like me.

1. My sister, Deborah, introduced me to the card game, Set, about two years ago and I've been hooked ever since. I do the online puzzle every day. Just in case you don't know about it or you're a Set junkie like me, here's a link to the New York Times daily puzzle. While you're there, be sure to test your word skill with the daily Quiddler puzzle too. :)

2. I love, love, love crawling into a freshly made bed!

3. I gently rub my feet together when I'm going to sleep. :)

4. I used to own a bakery with my mom.

5. I don't like my handwriting, except when I write with certain pens or pencils.

6. I reminisced this morning about when I was young and how I loved to wear the paper bands from my father's cigars as a ring. LOL! He didn't smoke them often which is probably why I thought the band was so neat.

7. I absolutely love steel cut oatmeal, especially when it's mixed with shredded apple, sliced almonds, and brown sugar.

8. I love the smell of peonies.

9. Alexa and I are going to try making caking pops for the first time this weekend. I have all of the ingredients ready. :)

10. Israel is the furthest I've ever been from home.

So now it's your turn. Tell me about yourself! :) I like Getting to Know you!
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  1. Ha--I do that with my feet, too. I've never heard of the game, Set. I'll have to check it out. I've never tried making cake pops, though they intrigue me a bit. And something about me--hmm...I used to run an Our Gang/Little Rascals fanzine! :)

  2. me too on #10 we went in 2000. had an awesome time.

  3. 1)I can sing fairly well.
    2)I love most types of music, and watch dvds, or listen to music when I scrap.
    3)I once shingled my own roof.
    4)In 1999 my 20 year old son Adam was killed by a drugged driver while he was on his way home from college, and it was only through scrapbooking, and the birth of my grandson, that saved me.
    5)I still have not been able to scrap all of his photos.
    6)I also rub my feet together when going to sleep.
    7)The farthest I have been from home is I lived in Hawaii, for awhile, unfortunately I didn't have a camera then.
    8)I still have a Huge collection of Fisher Price little people and their houses from my younger brother's toy chest, he was 10 years younger than myself. So he played with them, my children played with them, my grandchildren still play with them. I think my mom got her money's worth. LOL
    9)I love the colors blue and white, especially together.
    10) Right now my house is a disaster because I have been scrapping too much!
    I hope I didn't bore you to death! Love Penny Scrap-holic@blogspot.com

  4. I admit it, this is tough. Don't think enough about me. haha Let me see...
    1. I have been to Africa and charged by an elephant.
    2. I used to teach Elementary school-miss it dearly but wouldn't give up being a SAHM for anything.
    3. HATE to have mud on my hands.
    4. I do not like to wear shorts.
    5. LOVE seafood, pretty much any kind but crab legs are my favorite.
    6. I went to a Catholic grade school but didn't really become a Christian until my mid-20s.
    7. My favorite color is red.
    8. We have moved 7 times since I have been married.
    9. I have been paper crafting for over 17 years.
    10. I love to read but gave it up when my kids were young. Didn't start reading again until about 2 years ago.


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