Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Handpainted Hanukkiah

(As seen in ScrapStreet magazine)

We now have five menorahs in our house. We used to have two. Our collection expanded after my Dad passed away in February. He was a great collector of hanukkiah (menorahs) and most of his collection has been donated to a museum. One of the newest additions to our collection is fish-shaped and I blogged about it here. I call it "The Luchas Fish". Another is a tall blue, whimsical, metal moose with a red cardinal sitting on its back. It's more of an art piece (something else my Dad was into) so I don't think I'll ever light it. The third is one Alexa painted as a gift for my Dad two years ago. This is the one you can see on the layout above. This is the one we lit last night. This is the one that makes me cry. This is the one that means the most to me because Alexa knew how special her PopPop's collection was to him and she wanted to contribute something to it. As we said the prayer over the candles last night, I thought, "This one's for you, Dad!"
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  1. great the colors and design and what a great memory to scrap.

  2. What a sweet and meaningful moment to capture. Lovely layout too!

  3. What a way to cherish a memory through a lovely layout. Hugs to you, Lisa! I too lost my father last year. May precious memories of him get you through the sad times! xo

  4. What a sweet story, I'm sure that will be the menorah your daughter cherishes as well....


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