Friday, December 30, 2011

All That Jazz

A few weeks ago, Tom and I had the opportunity to observe Alexa's jazz dance class (we would have been able to see her in action in tap too, but we had to get to the school orchestra concert). This girl dances all the time, and it doesn't matter who's watching. She dances at the bus stop, at school (her teacher asked me if Alexa was a dancer because her feet are always tapping and shuffling under her desk, LOL!), in a store, etc. She doesn't mind dancing, or even singing, on stage but don't ask her to talk (as in perform in a play).

The journaling reads: You are a dancer through and through. It’s in your blood and your heart. Even when you’re not at dance class, you still dance...around the house. At school you tap and move your feet under your desk. True story! December '11, age 10.
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  1. Love the journaling, and what a cute photo!

  2. great projects and pages!! Have a blessed new year!


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