Monday, December 26, 2011

8 Nights of Lights

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As Hanukkah nears a close for another year (tomorrow night is the last night), I realize I haven't taken any photos. Gasp! I'd better rectify that tonight. LOL! It doesn't help that both Tom and Alexa have been sick.

This is another oldie, but goodie, about Alexa making me a hand-painted plate as a gift. Not only do I cherish the gift, but I love that my husband recorded the process for me. Is he a scrapbooker's husband or what? LOL!

The journaling reads:

You and Daddy stole off to Color Me Mine so you could make my Chanukah gift. You painted a beautiful yellow plate, complete with a brightly lit menorah and a “C” monogram for Chanukah. I’m so glad Daddy took these photos so I could see you hard at work!
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  1. What a sweet moment to capture and such a thoughtful hubby, Lisa! He's a keeper! LOL!!

  2. I love this. You have a great classic style that really holds up. Great pic and page.

  3. What a cute gift! Love the layout too!

  4. I love the little calendar on your cute layout.

  5. So cool that Tom took photos and good ones at that! I love this LO. The lighter, yet colorful, colors you used makes the photos pop. I hope Tom and Alexa feel better soon and I hope you don't get sick.


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