Saturday, September 17, 2011

Silly Songs with PopPop

Journaling for a future page:

The Veggie Tales cast may have Larry the Cucumber to rely on for silly songs, but we had PopPop. Ever since Mommy was a little girl, PopPop has been making up one-hit wonders. He started with "Bongo Tushies" and just kept going. One of his more recent originals came to life as I was packing up his apartment in Boston. There, in the glass-fronted console where he kept his collection of menorahs, stood a red and yellow puzzle menorah in the shape of a fish. It is handpainted and signed by the artist (although I can't make out what it says). The minute I saw it, I knew I had found "The Luchas Fish!"

As silly as it is, I have a hard time getting that song out of my head these days. So here, in all of its glory (and so we don't forget the lyrics), are the words:

Of all the fishes in the sea,
I wish I were a luchas (the "ch" said with a throaty sound as if you have a hairball, LOL!).
You can eat my head,
You can eat my tail,
But you cannot eat my elbow.

Of course the logical ending to the song should be the word "tuchas" since it rhymes with "luchas", but PopPop was never logical anyway, right? :)
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