Sunday, September 11, 2011

Real Life Lesson #1: My Thoughts on 9/11/11

As I watched today's events surrounding the 10th anniversary of 9/11/01, a page I did when Alexa was about 2 1/2 came to mind. I called it Life Lesson #1 and here is the journaling:

"You are so observant. Nothing escapes your eyes! There are times, when we get out of the car and are walking toward a store, that you ask about the flattened circles of gum ground into the pavement and the pieces of trash blowing around. Youve even noticed plastic shopping bags blowing in trees and wonder how they got there. Weve talked about littering, how it isnt nice, and how it isnt respectful of the earth, but today, I passed a city worker, collecting trash on a highway on-ramp, and it really struck me. In a short span of roadway, he had filled three large trash bags with discarded refuse. I realized how careless some people can be with this world. I call it the world is my trash can” mentality. Life is fragile, our surroundings are fragile, and I have to wonder what kind of world you will grow up inthis world we all live in, this world we all share. Of course, you are too young to worry about these things or about political dissension, war, social issues, and so much more. As your mother, I feel so helpless because there are just some things I cant protect you from. What I can do, is teach you right from wrong and to believe in your convictions. You have already made a difference in this world. You make a difference in my life each and every day. I look into your sparkling, innocent eyes and they bring me back to reality, to what is important, and you show me that the world is full of wonder and beautiful things too."

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