Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Random Musing

I posted this as my Facebook status yesterday and it really got people thinking...

"My random musing for today: In an emergency, people are ready to drop everything to help. The "business" of their day doesn't seem to matter much any more. What about on a "typical" day? How many times have you put something off, not called a friend, not commented on a Facebook status even, because you are too "busy"? Take some time today to step away from the business of your life and make someone else's better. :)"

These thoughts go along with a project we did this week with a fifth grade class during library time at school. They learned about how important it is to them, and others, to "fill their bucket". You can do this by being kind, helpful, even smiling at someone. Being mean just empties your own bucket and that of the other person.

So go forth and do something nice to fill your bucket and the buckets of those around you. Pay someone a compliment, thank someone for something they've done for you, hold the door at a store for a mom who may be juggling a stroller, check in with a friend, tell someone you're sorry...Believe me, it will make you both feel great!
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