Friday, September 16, 2011

Pillow Perfection and Pickles

I am like The Princess and the Pea when it comes to my sleeping comfort. Everything has to be just right or I toss and turn. I even travel with my own pillow with the hope that I will always have a good night's sleep. That's right, I suffer from...pillow perfection!

As I crawl into bed each night, I run down a mental checklist. Blankets tucked in and level with my chin? Check. Pillow fluffy and comfortable? No. Wait a minute! What happened to my once big and fluffy pillow that lulled me to sleep each night? It's gotten...flat. Flat is not good in my book. Once a pillow is flat it's out the door (well not really, I usually put it in a pillow sham and use it as a back rest behind other pillows). The last pillow I bought was "The Big One" from Kohl's and they got the name right on. I could barely get it into my pillowcase but boy was it comfy. Notice I said "was." This is the pillow that has now lost its "oomph." I guess another trip to Kohl's is in my near future (along with buying a pair of slippers because the temps have seriously dipped here).

Now on to another "p" word — "pickles." My dad was obsessed with talking about pickles (even though he didn't like eating them). He told pickle jokes, he made up a pickle mint chip ice cream flavor, and he was given many pickle-related gifts over the years (including the bandages shown on my layout). Any way, this week I was inspired to scrap about this crazy obsession and now have the second page for my dad's memorial album done. It was a hard page to do, but I'm glad the memory is down on paper.
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  1. What a sweet thing to document for your father's memory, Lisa. He sounds like a lot of fun! Your greens in your page are perfect for your theme.

  2. Cute story about your dad. I guess you could say that I'm the say way about monkeys. ;)


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