Thursday, September 8, 2011

Colorado, Rocky Mountain High

Sometimes I like to take a break from scrapbooking about life in the Swift household, and do some pages for my niece, Sydnie (I'd LIKE to scrapbook about my other niece and nephews, but I never seem to get photos of them. Hint, hint sisters!) :) The latest set of photos I received, from my BIL, are from their spring visit to Steamboat Springs, CO. The only thing I can't do is journal about their memories so I always leave space for them to record that information (whether it be some hand drawn lines or a tag tucked behind a photo).
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  1. Wow....these pages are awesome, Lisa! That is so sweet of you to scrap for them.

  2. These are all awesome!!!!! Great work! :)

  3. these are just full of great details. and how lucky those kiddos are to have a scrappin' auntie!

  4. breaks are good. i like to take them as well. awesome pages!


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